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AgCelerate Stewardship Platform for Grower Licensing

Monsanto has adopted the AgCelerate Stewardship Platform for grower licensing. AgCelerate is a single place for you to view, manage and assist your growers in signing technology agreements for Monsanto and other trait providers.

The benefits of this online portal include:

  • Provides a one-stop shop to help ease both the reconciliation process and technology agreement compliance management across the seed industry*
  • Offers better representation of each grower’s farm profile and means by which they do business, simplifying the reconciliation process to better match farm entities with sales transactions
  • Allows growers to sign and store their technology agreements across multiple trait providers in one convenient location
  • Facilitates communication between you and growers, helping ensure your customers can access the latest seed technology

We encourage you to register with AgCelerate to take advantage of its many benefits, including facilitating the reconciliation process and technology agreement compliance management.

To learn more about AgCelerate and how the system works, please watch this online training.


Use these PDFs to learn more about the AgCelerate system. If you have any questions or difficulties, contact AgCelerate.

Seed Supplier Flyer
(.pdf - 155 KB)

Grower Flyer
(.pdf - 153 KB)​

Please note: Growers with a current approved (2010 or later) MTSA are not required to sign a new agreement in order to participate in the AgCelerate Stewardship Platform. However, growers are encouraged to sign the 2014 MTSA in AgCelerate, allowing them to view the current terms and conditions and save the information electronically.
*License status will continue to be available on