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Name Published  Size Type
ymptoms and Management of Iron Deficiency Chlorosis

Soybean, Iron, Iron Definciency, Chlorosis, Necrosis, Yield loss

06/28/2018 295KB PDF
Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean

Disease Characteristics and Symptoms, Impact on Soybean Yield, Management

06/22/2018 407KB PDF
Physoderma maydis - Brown Spot and Stalk Rot of Corn

Biology of Physoderma maydis, Considerations, Yield Impact, Management

06/18/2018 1038KB PDF
Soil Water Sensors Use in Irrigation

Checkbook Method, Soil Moisture Sensors, Accurate Measurements

06/13/2018 879KB PDF
Soybean Nodulation Process

How are Nodules Formed? Nitrogen Fertilization, When are Inoculants Most Important? Unsuccessful Nodulation, Summary

06/12/2018 760KB PDF
Disease Management with Fungicides for Corn and Soybean

Fungicide, Contributing Factors in Corn and Soybean, Scouting, Summary

06/12/2018 425KB PDF
Spider Mites in Corn

Description and Biology, Impact on Crop, Management, Treatment

06/05/2018 513KB PDF
Sidedress and Pre-Tassle Nitrogen Application in Corn

Sidedress Management Options, Application Timing, Nitrogen Sources, Benefits and Risks

05/30/2018 826KB PDF
Mid-Season Corn Insect Identification

Corn Rootworm, European Corn Borer, Armyworms, Grasshoppers, Common Stalk Borer

05/25/2018 729KB PDF
Biology and Management of Septoria Brown Spot in Soybean

Description and Biology, Damage and Incidence, Management Practices

05/25/2018 367KB PDF
Management of Soybean Apid

Aphid Biology and Life Cycle, Damage to Soybeans, Scouting and THresholds, Management

05/17/2018 414KB PDF
Don't Overlook European Corn Borer

Scouting for Corn Borer, ECB Feeding Damage, Economic Thresholds for Insecticide Treatments, B.t. Corn Products Are a Solution

05/17/2018 775KB PDF
Evaluating the Response to Fungicide in Different Tillage Systems - MON

Fungicide, Tillage systems, Yield Potential, Disease

05/08/2018 833KB PDF
Late Corn Planting Options - MON

Delays and the subsequent growing season, growing season length, maturity and GDU accumulation, when to switch maturities, managing late-planted corn

05/08/2018 841KB PDF
Placement of Nitrogen During Sidedressing - MON - MLC

Soil fertility, Sidedressing, Nitrogen placement, Yield Potential

05/07/2018 1024KB PDF
Managing Southern Rust in the Ohio River Valley Region - Monsanto

Corn, fungicide, Southern rust, yield potential, disease

05/01/2018 176KB PDF
Bean Leaf Beetle Management in Late Season Soybean - Monsanto

Bean Leaf Beetle, Soybean, Scouting, Management

04/28/2018 856KB PDF
What Causes Yellow Corn Seedlings - Monsanto

V3-V5 Growing Stages, Cool Temperatures, Saturated Soils, Compaction, Availability of Nutrients

04/19/2018 1325KB PDF
Irrigating Grain Sorghum - MON

Water stress can significantly affect grain sorghum yield potential.

04/12/2018 946KB PDF
Managing Stink Bugs in Corn and Soybean - Monsanto

Stick bugs in corn and soybeans, Scouting, Control and Management

04/06/2018 585KB PDF