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Soybean Seed Applied Solutions Provide Protection at Planting

Soybean yield potential is most at risk from drought stress from the 2nd to the 4th week of seed fill; soybean flowering stops and plants cannot compensate for lost pods when drought occurs during the full pod through full seed stages.

10/23/2018 378KB PDF
What Causes Yellow Corn Seedlings - Monsanto

V3-V5 Growing Stages, Cool Temperatures, Saturated Soils, Compaction, Availability of Nutrients

04/19/2018 1325KB PDF
Irrigating Grain Sorghum - MON

Water stress can significantly affect grain sorghum yield potential.

04/12/2018 946KB PDF
Managing Stink Bugs in Corn and Soybean - Monsanto

Stick bugs in corn and soybeans, Scouting, Control and Management

04/06/2018 585KB PDF
Insect Managment for Wheat - Monsanto

Cultural management Practices, Insects, Diseases

04/02/2018 576KB PDF
The Importance of Fertility in a Soybean Crop - MON

Soybean yield potential is genetically determined but actual yield potential depends on environmental conditions and management practices.

04/02/2018 1192KB PDF
Evaluating Wheat for Winter Injury - MON

Wheat, Evaluation, Management

03/22/2018 622KB PDF
Early-Season Corn Flea Beetle Management - MON

Corn Flea Beetle, Scouting, Control, Management

03/22/2018 935KB PDF
Managing Billbugs in Corn

Southern corn billbug (Sphenophorus callosus) can cause damage from emergence through 6- to 8-leaf corn growth stages in the southeast United States.

03/19/2018 578KB PDF
Nitrogen Optimization in Corn

Determining which nitrogen (N) plan is best for each situation includes understanding how timing, rate, source, and method of N fertilizer application can affect the corn crop.

03/19/2018 297KB PDF
Common Cutworm Management - Monsanto

Agronmic Spotlight

03/13/2018 614KB PDF
Identification of Cutworms - Monsanto

Agronomic Spotlight

03/13/2018 144KB PDF
Potential Injury to Corn from Cold Temperatures - Monsanto

Agronomic Spotlight

03/07/2018 465KB PDF
Soybean Leaf Yellowing - Monsanto

Nutrient deficencies are the most common cause of yellowing in soybeans.

03/05/2018 492KB PDF
Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybean Versus LibertyLink Soybean - MON - MI IN OH KY

Compare soybean yields from Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybean and LibertyLink Soybean products.

03/02/2018 108KB PDF
Effects of Flooding on Corn Emergence - Monsanto

​Flooding in corn fields can negatively affect yield potential and cause other problems.

02/28/2018 246KB PDF
Advantages of Using SmartStax Technology and Insecticide for Corn Rootworm Protection - Monsanto - MN

Corn rootworm (CRW) (Diabrotica virgifera) causes significant annual yield losses.

02/24/2018 345KB PDF
Corn Ear Mold Identification and Management - Monsanto TDA

Potential for damage from ear molds is greatest from silking to harvest. There are at least seven ear mold fungi that can attack corn, reducing yield potential, grain quality, and feed value.

02/08/2018 528KB PDF
Evaluation of Cover Crop Termination Methods in Corn Production - HLC

In sustainable farm operations, cover cropping is an effective system to manage soil health, biodiversity, weeds, erosion, water quality, and other pests and diseases.

02/01/2018 537KB PDF
Fungicide Efficacy on White Mold in Soybean

White mold is a common soybean fungal disease in the upper Midwest where cool, wet conditions are favorable for infection.

01/27/2018 156KB PDF