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Early Season Hail Damage to Corn

Stand loss and loss of leaf area for photosynthesis are the primary factors contributing to yield reduction in hail-damaged corn. Assessment of damage to the growing point and leaves will guide decision making. Wait a minimum of five days before making any replant decisions. Read More

Frost and Cold Temperature Damage to Small Soybeans

Soybeans respond differently to frost compared to corn because the growing point is exposed to weather as soon as the cotyledons emerge.Understanding the effects of weather conditions on soybean at different growth stages can help determine the best management options. Read More

High pH and Salt Issues in Corn

High soil pH can cause nutrient deficiencies in plants, which can result in lost yield potential. Saline and sodic soils can cause osmotic stress and ion toxicity in plants, and sodic soils can negatively impact soil structure. Management of these soil issues requires different approaches, which will vary by region and soil type. Read More

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