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Diaporthe-Phomopsis Disease Complex in Soybean

Pod and stem blight and Phomopsis seed decay are two diseases that make up the Diaporthe-Phomopsis disease complex in soybean. Pod and stem blight can damage maturing plants and result in premature death. Phomopsis seed decay can greatly affect seed quality. Both diseases can occur under wet growing conditions. Read More

Evaluation of Alfalfa Stand

Optimization of stand establishment techniques is critical to ensure the long-term success of alfalfa production. Alfalfa stand evaluation in the spring can help determine management practices required to help maintain yield potential and stand establishment. Assessment involves counting number of plants per square foot in randomly selected sites throughout the field, counting the total number of stems, and assessing the viability of the crowns and roots. Read More

Corn Rootworm Best Management Practices

Corn rootworm (CRW) larval feeding can be destructive to unprotected root systems and may impact standability and greatly reduce yield potential. Areas that have a history of continuous corn are generally at the greatest risk of heavy CRW pressure. Following established best management practices (BMP) can improve CRW management and help preserve corn yield potential. Read More

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