Trait Logo & Legal Guidelines

Whenever Bayer products are mentioned in your publications, web sites, advertisements or sales collateral, there are certain legal statements that need to also appear. The statements vary by product, and they can change over time, so it’s important to check the Trait Logo & Legal Guidelines periodically to ensure you have the appropriate statements and trademarks.

How to use this section

  • The guidelines section tell you which statements and attributions are needed for the individual products.
  • You can then copy and paste the necessary sections from these pages into your publication.
  • Remember: legal statements can change over time, so be sure to check back each time you create a new publication.

If you have questions about required legal statements or trademarks, please check with Precision Ag Services (p: 859-873-6138 or e:

Access the trait legal and stewardship statements for each of the crops: