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Western Bean Cutworm Management for Corn

Western bean cutworm (WBC) can be a severe pest of corn and dry beans, but not soybean.Consider an insecticide application if 5 to 8% of corn plants have WBC egg masses or small larvae that have not moved into the silks or ear tip.Insecticide application timing is critical for WBC control as once larvae enter the ear, insecticides are ineffective. Read More

Bacterial Blight in Soybean

Bacterial blight is favored by cool (70 to 80 ºF), wet weather and is inhibited by hot, dry weather. Rotating away from soybean or planting soybean products that are tolerant or resistant to bacterial blight is recommended for problem fields. Foliar fungicide applications are ineffective in controlling bacterial blight. Read More

A Systems Approach to Hydroefficency

DroughtGard® Hybrids products are part of a systems approach combining best agronomic practices, drought-tolerant germplasm, and crop protection traits for improved drought tolerance and insect and weed control. DroughtGard Hybrids products have demonstrated an advantage over competitor products in drought conditions, yet have the potential to maintain top-end yield in well-watered conditions. DroughtGard Hybrids products can do more with less water during severe drought stress and can have fewer barren plants and more kernels per ear. Read More

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