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Keep yourself ahead of the game by staying abreast of key topics in agronomics. Our Agronomic Spotlights section contains numerous topics for you to read, download and share. Check it out! »



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Corn Ear Mold Identification and Management - Monsanto TDA

Potential for damage from ear molds is greatest from silking to harvest. There are at least seven ear mold fungi that can attack
corn, reducing yield potential, grain quality, and feed value. Read More

Evaluation of Cover Crop Termination Methods in Corn Production - HLC

In sustainable farm operations, cover cropping is an effective system to manage soil health, biodiversity, weeds, erosion, water quality, and other pests and diseases. Read More

Fungicide Efficacy on White Mold in Soybean

White mold is a common soybean fungal disease in the upper Midwest where cool, wet conditions are favorable for infection. Read More

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