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Soybean Seed Treatments Provide Protection at Planting

Slow germination and establishment of soybean seeds in cool, wet soils can make them more susceptible to attack by soil-borne seed and seedling pathogens. Early-season insect pests may also damage soybean seeds and seedlings. Soybean seed treatment products can reduce disease infections and protect seeds from insects for up to 30 days after planting, resulting in more uniform plant stands, less incidence of replant situations, better yield potential, and ultimately increased return on investment. Read More

Using Soil Tests to Build Proper Nutrients

When formulating a nutrient package for high yield and sustainability, consider soil test data, the soil type, the crop to be planted, and the field’s fertility history including the form of fertilizer and application methods. Soil tests, realistic yield goals, and nutrient removal rates can help to determine the amount of fertilizer needed. Tools and technologies, such as seed treatment products and nitrogen monitoring software, can help to improve nutrient availability and fertility management. Read More

Value of Multiple Modes of Action for Corn Rootworm Control

SmartStax® Corn technology provides corn products with multiple modes of action (MOA) protection for belowground corn rootworm (CRW) and aboveground corn earworm (CEW) insect protection.A soil-applied insecticide (SAI) is recommended to be used with single MOA insect protection products.In moderate to high corn rootworm pressure situations, SmartStax® Corn technology provided an average advantage of 20+ bu/acre over non-rootworm B.t.-protected corn products without an SAI and 8 bu/acre over single MOA products without an SAI. Read More

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