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Low Lignin Alfalfa Management

Milk production could be increased by $350 million per year with a 10% decrease in alfalfa lignin content.Reduced lignin alfalfa can be harvested later with comparable quality of an earlier harvest.An increase in alfalfa digestibility could result in reduced manure production. Read More

Management Practices for Continuous Soybeans

Though planting soybeans after soybeans is generally not recommended, some farmers report success with long-term continuous soybean production. Growing the same crop year after year in the same field can result in yield penalties due to potential difficulties with weed control and a build up of pathogens and insect pests. Without crop rotation to break pest and pathogen life cycles, other management approaches will be needed. Read More

Subsurface Drainage Management

Tile drainage can help fields dry out quicker and decreases the amount of surface runoff, which reduces the loss of nutrients, sediment, and agricultural chemicals.There are concerns about the potential negative impacts on water quality from drainage reaching surface water, such as lakes and streams, and groundwater. The depth and spacing of subsurface drainage tiles can affect the quality of water exiting the system. Read More

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