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Corn Product Selection for Silage

Product selection is critical for maximum yield potential and quality silage. Growing the right silage corn product may have the potential to improve both meat and milk production and profitability. Silage corn product selection should be based on university, seed company, and on-farm trials from multiple locations and multiple years. Read More

Physoderma Brown Spot and Stalk Rot in Corn

Physoderma brown spot is a minor disease found in most areas where corn is grown and the leaf blight phase of the disease rarely affects yield.Numerous small, round, purple lesions on leaves, leaf midribs, leaf sheaths, or husk leaves are the typical symptoms.Since 2013, the disease has been frequently associated with infection of lower nodes resulting in stalk breakage at later reproductive growth stages.Research is underway to better understand the best way to manage the stalk rot phase. Read More

Summer and Fall Alfalfa Management Practices

A late summer alfalfa cutting should occur early enough so plants can regrow, produce, and store carbohydrates in the roots and crowns before entering fall dormancy, thus increasing winter survivability.Alfalfa responds well to potassum (K) and phosphorus (P) fertilization, especially K.Accurate stand evaluation is critical for estimating yield potential and deciding whether to keep an alfalfa stand. Read More

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